P.W. Grade 52.5 White Cement (Aalborg White Brand)

    Product Features:

    P.W. Grade 52.5 White Cement is green and environment-friendly product characterized by early strength and non- radioactivity. It has advantages of bright color, high whiteness, high strength and high consistency.


    P.W. Grade 52.5 White Cement is especially applicable for manufacturing concrete, precast concrete, fair-faced concrete, GRC products, adhesives and the other special occasions.

    P.W. Grade 52.5 White Cement is commonly used in colored pavement bricks, permeable bricks, Art stones, sculpture craftwork, terrazzo, wear-resistant flooring, putty, etc.

    P.W. Grade 52.5 White Cement has high light reflective properties, thereby the manufactured road curbs, road signs, road central dividing lines are provided with higher traffic safety performance.

    Package: 50kg paper-plastic compound bag/1200kg jumbo bag


    Aalborg White Cement can be stored for three months if the product is stored inside a building or in a suitable place with excellent moisture-proof and ventilation conditions, and the cement is better placed on pallets.

    Physical Features
    Degree of Fineness (Specific Surface Area) 38㎡/kg
    Bulk Density 1100kg/m³
    Density 3100kg/m³
    Water Demand 27%
    Index Name Internal Control Index GB/T2015—2005 Requirements
    Strength 3 days 28 days 3 days 28 days
    Flexural Strength, Mpa 7.0 10.0 4.0 7.0
    Compressive Strength, Mpa 40.0 60.0 22.0 52.5
    Degree of Fineness 80um,% 0.0% Maximum 10%
    Setting Time, Initial Setting 140 minutes No earlier than 45 minutes
    Setting Time, Final Setting 170 minutes No later than 10 hours
    Whiteness 88 Minimum 87


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