P.W. Grade 32.5 White Cement (Xianlu Brand)

    Product Features:

    P.W. Grade 32.5 White Cement can meet user's requirements of color, degree of fineness and early strength on White Cement. Meanwhile, it also can meet user's requirements on whiteness, strength and consistency.

    High whiteness

    High strength

    Excellent degree of fineness

    Excellent consistency

    Low alkalinity

    Main Applications:

    Grade 32.5 White Cement is widely used in terrazzo flooring, colored cement, colored pavement bricks, permeable bricks, cement products, culture stones, sculptures, putty and new building materials .

    Grade 32.5 White Cement has many special performances, which can decorate the buildings with excellent effects when it is used on mansions, residential buildings, hotels, office buildings, etc.

    Product Quality:

    Internal control standard of P.W. Grade 32.5 White Cement is far higher than quality technical index requirements in national standard GB/T2015—2005.

    Package Specifications: 50kg, 40kg and 25kg /1200kg jumbo bag


    The product should be stored in dry, shady and well-ventilated area. Indoor storage is recommended. Moisture-proof work should be done well. The product can be stored for 3 months at most.

    Index Name Internal Control Index GB/T2015—2005 Requirements
    Strength 3 days 28 days 3 days 28 days
    Flexural Strength, Mpa 4.2 6.8 3.0 6.0
    Compressive Strength, Mpa 20.0 35.0 12.0 32.5
    Degree of Fineness 80um,% 0.3% Maximum 10%
    Specific Surface Area ㎡/㎏ 460  
    Setting Time, Initial Setting 140 minutes No earlier than 45 minutes
    Setting Time, Final Setting 190 minutes No later than 10 hours
    Whiteness 89 Minimum 87


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