Innovative White Cement based technologies at ARCHIDEX17 EXHIBITION 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Aalborg Portland Malaysia, the subsidiary of Aalborg Portland, under the Cementir Group, took an active part at the ARCHIDEX17 EXHIBITION, the most influential annual industry trade event in the South East Asia for building materials, architecture and interior design, held in Kuala Lumpur.

    The architectural aesthetics appearance of APM booth attracted visitors on the scene. UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete) and GRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) were the two main white cement themes promoted in this exhibition. Aligning with the InWhite strategy, a global innovation engine for white cement launched at Cementir Group, both UHPC is the new solution based on the high value and fast developing technologies and GRC have been identified and are in primary focus in the coming years. In this exhibition, APM collaborated with local leading and innovative concrete producers to design and produce a set of concrete furniture, interior decorative elements with superb surface treatments like 3D concrete engraving technology on UHPC cladding, colored GRC circular cone pillars and GRC table top and screen with terrazzo finished.

    UHPC cladding                                                                                            「TOP RIGHT PANEL」3D concrete engraving on UHPC cladding

    GRC decorative pillar, screen and garden ornament 「Left to Right」

    Against the backdrop of UHCP and GRC related application, quite a few innovative white cement applications and technologies were presented in the booth,
    for instance, dry mix mortar product ARTISAN WALL, a kind of wall finishing product giving the smooth and abundant texture surfaces.

    Concrete Vase, Vietnam encaustic white cement tiles and ARTISAN WALL decorated Global Map and Background Wall [Left to Right¡]

    APM successfully leveraged this participation to create the awareness of white cement use in the construction industry in Malaysia establishing a
    platform to educate the industry players about new technologies, to measure the level of acceptance towards technologies advancement as well
    as to capture the ability of every other trade related partners.
    As the third exhibition of Cementir Group in the Asia Pacific Region, two exhibitions already held in Beijing and Guangzhou, China before, Cementir
    has been consolidating its leadership position in the area and built a strong global product brand awareness on AALBORG WHITE® by successfully
    introducing high quality white cement with uniform whiteness and high strength through innovative building materials. Cementir Group are continuing
    to move forward with AALBORG WHITE® products being present at the next coming exhibition in Shanghai, China – World of Concrete Asia
    (4- 6th of Dec 2017).

    About Cementir Group in White Cement
    Cementir Group through its daughter company Aalborg Portland, is the global leading player in White Cement with
    more than 3 million ton capacity and production facilities strategically located in four continents. Serving white
    cement, Cementir Group supports its partners by providing a consistent and high performance product, value-adding
    services into the customers' supply chain, extensive technical and customer support, and potential cooperation in
    (co)developing new applications using white cement. More than 70 countries worldwide are served under the global
    AALBORG WHITE® brand from production plants in Denmark, Egypt, Malaysia, and China, as well as in the US (in
    partnership with other companies), with a reliable supply of consistent chemical features, uniform white color and
    high strengths.


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