「In-situ」Our Lady of the Angeles - Los Angeles, USA

    Exterior surfaces of the cathedral in Los Angeles, USA
    To break up the large plane surface elements of the cathedral exterior, they have been textured to give the appearance of smaller elements. These elements both add character to the exterior, and tend to hide the smaller variations in surface colour that are inevitable for in-situ cast concrete.The colour has been selected in a warm golden hue, by using a golden sand type mixed with white cement.

    Sculpturing a building
    The surfaces of the cathedral seem to have been carved from a single block of white concrete. To avoid a massive monolithic impression, there are few apparent right-angle joints in the structure. The result is dynamic and refreshingly novel.

    The steeple
    The steeple stands out from the remaining structure like an isolated single sculptural pillar aiming at the sky, its clerical purpose revealed only by the fragile-looking cross at the top.

    The model
    Looking at the model, the dynamic effect of deliberately avoiding the use of right angles can be appreciated fully. The dynamic effect is further enhanced by the use of different surface textures on different parts of the building.

    Images by courtesy of Arcspace.com.



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