「Art & Design」The collection CONCRETE ART

    The collection CONCRETE ART by Jouni Punkki contains colourful concrete sculptures. Colours are created using special colour aggregates, colour pigments and Aalborg White
    ® Cement. The sculptures have been hand-ground and polished to achieve extremely smooth surface. The polishing level varies from matt to glossy. All the sculptures are individual.


    In the sculptures, traditional and new sculpting techniques are combined. The models have been digitally designed or the traditional clay sculpting, and digital sculpting are combined. The moulds have been digitally designed and 3D-printed. After casting the sculptures have been finished using hand-grinding and polishing. Hand-grinding and polishing gives the special look of the sculptures. The metals parts as horns of the bulls as well as the connection parts have also been digitally designed and 3D-printed.


    About Jouni Punkki:

    In the daily work Jouni Punkki is a professor of concrete technology at Aalto University in Finland. Because of his background he is approaching sculpting more from technical side. “Artistically I’m aiming at simplified and smooth shapes and concrete gives excellent possibilities for that. Some of my works are close to abstract. I want to give freedom to audience to see different things in my works”. 



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